Final thoughts on our trip

Today is the last day in our Media Impact Jan Term trip. It has been an amazing experience that has helped me make decisions about my future in journalism.

We have been to many places and met with many high-ranking individuals. Their knowledge and insight was a gift to learn from. 

These places convinced me to pursue what I am passionate about. This trip helped me determine that I would love to focus my career around Virtual Reality. I believe VR will have a big impact on the way we deliver news packages and how we make our news more relatable.

This trip showed me that there are many opportunities for me to chase my career. Organizations and news rooms such as the New York Times , National Geographic, and PBS all have VR departments that are actively working on these new forms of technology. 

Finally, I was able to make connections with individuals who could help me with a career in VR. Our host at Media Kitchen told me he would give me the email of the person in charge of the NYT’s VR department. Additionally, the people at CJR gave me a magazine article that they had written on VR. 

This trip helped me define my future and gave me the tools I needed to make it happen. I am very thankful to have gone on this trip. It has made me excited to see where life takes me next.

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