“Donald Trump.”

If you haven’t noticed by now, all of my previous blog post titles have been either song names, or have made references to songs. Conveniently, there is a song simply titled, “Donald Trump” by Mac Miller and I thought it was a fitting title, with us attending the Inauguration today.

Wow, what a day. It was surreal. I know it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an incredible opportunity to witness. The magnitude of this event was not lost on me; it was truly history unfolding in front of me.

Yet it was nothing like I expected, although I did not know what to fully anticipate what was going to happen.

Surprisingly, the event was fairly mild. Inside the inauguration, people who support Donald Trump were lining up in front of the Capitol to see what the now-president would say in his acceptance speech as he agreed to take on the responsibilities of the highest office in the United States.

Trump’s speech was not really outstanding by any means, and it heavily relied on campaign zingers to energize the crowd. But it worked. The inside crowd mainly consisted of people who support Trump who collectively booed when Democrats Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer made an appearance to the event. I did expect a lot more opposition to Trump inside the crowd, but it was mainly supporters.

The President ended his speech with “Make America Great Again!” The crowd erupted in response. He promised to put “America first” in all of the proposals that his administration will put in front of congress.

The most shocking thing about today was not the speech, which was typical, nothing outrageous or special.

It was the fact that I could go to the inauguration and see thousands of people so on fire for Trump, turn around and go to the streets to see people so vehemently against him.

Thousands of protesters, however, converged on the streets of 12th and K in Washington D.C. The protests got so intense and violent that law enforcement unleashed tear gas grenades to subdue the protesters. We made a dash for the hostel, made it and the next thing I was writing recaps for local newspaper outlets. It’s all kind of a blur.

Even though I was literal opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of complete joy and happiness to utter devastation. But I think that is what makes this country beautiful.

For example, I think we as American citizens, we must appreciate our willing, complete and peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another. No other country can say the same thing.

Also, on a conclusive note, I believe firmly in the first amendment of the constitution, the ability to voice our opinions and thoughts freely and express them completely. Each and every opinion, not just ones that we agree with. That is the foundation of our nation and we must respect it.

  1. #1 by pschoening18 on January 22, 2017 - 8:02 pm

    Even though we were in different areas at the inauguration, I believe we had a common experience! I was also really surprised that the event was so mild, especially given the context of riots the previous day near our hostel. I also thought there would be more protestors within the inauguration crowds. When Hillary Clinton arrived, I felt very outnumbered as I cheered and everyone around me booed. I thought it was respectable and honorable for her to make an appearance, despite the criticism she has received. I expected much more protests within the inauguration crowds, but it seems like those exercising their first amendment rights felt more effective outside of the national mall.

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