Monday rundown: MLK Day in the District



7:15 am          First alarm goes off

7:30 am          Second alarm, get out of bed at the hostel without waking roommates

7:45 am          Quick run around DC – 36 degrees, 2.24 miles (so many runners here!)

8:30 am          Shower and get ready at the hostel

9:45 am          Hostel breakfast – bagel with cream cheese, cornflakes, banana, muffin, orange juice (hey – I was hungry after that run!)

10:30 am       Depart the hostel and head for the metro (first time on the metro)

11:15 am       Get off the green line at Anacostia and line-up on MLK Avenue for parade

12:00 pm       Parade begins! Interesting variety of groups in the parade: drum lines, dance teams, local health institutions, local radio stations, political activist groups, politicians and more

1:20 pm         Leave the parade and head to L’Enfant Plaza for lunch at the food court

3:00 pm         Grab a peppermint mocha at Starbucks and head back to the metro to get down to the Newseum

3:30 pm         Spent the next hour and a half at the Newseum – my favorite part was the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs exhibit: Columbine shooting photo, 9/11 photo, photo of Boston Marathon Bombing victim exhausted after rehabilitation, Syrian refugees escaping on “death boats” to Greece, a photo of Strider Wolf (a child abuse victim), Detroit high school photos by Manny Crisostomo, a photo of an Ethiopian child that died of hunger the day the photo was taken, a photo of children smiling at the infamous Cabrini-Green and so many other moving photographs

5:15 pm         A gorgeous stroll through the Mall from the Newseum over to the MLK memorial

6:20 pm         Arrive at the MLK memorial and have the most incredible experience at the memorial on MLK Day – sang “We Shall Overcome” with the crowd and read incredible quotes from Dr. King such as: “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right, temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.” [Norway, 1964]

7:00 pm         Grab an Uber back to the hostel

7:45 pm         Have a delicious black bean burger and Oreo milkshake at Bolt Burgers up the street from the hostel

8:45 pm         Head back to the hostel for Netflix and blog writing with the crew

12:00 am       Bedtime! Have to be in the lobby at 8:45 am for visit to NPR


Today was such a gift. To be in D.C. on MLK Day is something I will never forget. From watching the parade and appreciating people who live a different life than I do to standing and singing “We Shall Overcome” with the crowd at the MLK Memorial – it was a day I will never forget!



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