What they’re cooking: The Media Kitchen

We met with Derek from The Media Kitchen on Friday, January 13. Personally, I was really excited for this stop because of my work’s involvement in media buying.

Derek described The Media Kitchen as a boutique agency with approximately 100 employees. About 60% of the company’s billings are in digital media buying. They prefer to work on a retainer basis and have within the last year become a cloud-based company. What are the requirements to work there? You have to be “great” and “nice.”

Previous and/or current clients include PINK (Victoria’s Secret brand), Red Robin and Goldman Sachs.

I had the opportunity to ask several questions, so for this blog post I thought I’d keep it pretty simple and recap the questions I asked and the answers Derek gave.

  1. In your introductory video, toward the beginning, it was mentioned that The Media Kitchen is a cloud-based company. Besides the logistical aspect of being able to work remotely, what is the benefit of this?
    • Derek actually doesn’t quite know all the benefits of being a cloud-based company. This is a fairly new endeavor for the company (he estimated they went cloud-based about a year or a year and a half ago), so not all the benefits have been analyzed or noted.
  2. You said about 60% of your billings is digital. Does that same ratio tend to mirror most media buy plans for your clients (that 60/40 ratio for digital/traditional)?
    • Derek shared a sample budget with us. In the sample budget, 51% of the budget went toward digital. He said this tends to be the case for many clients; however, it varies and is completely client-based/tailored for each client. Some clients buy digital-only.
  3. You prefer to work on retainer. How long do you prefer to sign clients for so that you can effectively strategize and plan powerful campaigns with appropriate flights?
    • The Media Kitchen likes to sign clients for at least one-year contracts. It of course depends on the nature of the campaign, but a year is the company’s preferred minimum. Derek talked about how some agencies don’t accept scopes of work that include short, hyper targeted campaigns, but The Media Kitchen has done both short-term and long-term buys for various clients.

On a final note, I enjoyed our discussion with Derek about how to grab consumers’ attentions in a media-saturated world. The three themes that we concluded are effective are appeal to fear, honesty and authenticity. I would personally add humor to that list.

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