Visiting the UN

The United Nations, founded in 1945 after WWII, commonly referred to as the UN, has its main headquarters in New York City. It was a place I knew for a fact that I wanted to visit while here, so the second it was suggested, I was all for it. When one walks into the building they immediately have to go through security, just like when you are at the airport. It’s technically not considered to be in New York, it’s considered International land, so they have their own security and the people who work there are from all over the world.

The tour was given to us by a woman from Japan. Our first stop was where the Security Council meets to discuss whatever it is that is going around the world. The Security Council has 15 acting members, the 5 veto powers: United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia, and France, as well as 10 other members who are on a two year rotation. They make decisions around the world, and try to keep as much peace as possible across the globe. There were a few chambers that we toured, but my absolute favorite was the General Assembly Chamber. It is the only location that can house all 193 nations delegates, where they meet every September. They discuss over 200 items on the agenda, and attempt to keep the world as sane as possible. The UN is responsible for the world, but sadly they do not have the funds they need to do as much as possible.

The UN is a necessary organization, and honestly I wish it was more heavily funded. Countries should place more money in the UN, rather than spending more money on their militaries. The UN promotes more world peace, and world collaboration, which is something everyone should appreciate. Make the world better by learning to work together.

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