Protests in Print

The “Protests in Print” exhibit at the New York Public Library displayed several works from the Alternative Press. Each were forms of print that deviated from traditional methods of publishing and distributing, as they are platforms for both personal expression and social justice activism. Most of the content in these works is concerned with issues of marginalization, social and political equality, and representation; their goal being to represent the experiences of individuals, and convey information, that is typically excluded in mainstream publications. In this way, the Alternative Press is beginning to create a balance between conventionally and alternatively published media.

A publication that seemed especially significant to me was Shotgun Seamstress. Authored by Osa Ateo, Shotgun Seamstress is a magazine dedicated to black queers, feminists, outsider artists, and musicians. The intent of the publication is to challenge mainstream narratives that exclude the stories and voices of people of color. I think that publications such as Shotgun Seamstress are becoming increasingly important in America’s current political climate– specifically given the exclusive rhetoric of the President-Elect. Publications representing narratives that diverge from those depicted in mainstream media are crucial, as they encapsulate the full diversity of American culture and give a voice to those who might instead remain voiceless.

  1. #1 by toddino17 on January 13, 2017 - 3:39 am

    I agree – I think, and hope, these publications, like Shotgun Seamstress and others featured in the “Protests in Print” exhibit, will become increasingly prevalent in today’s political climate. But one concern I have is people’s interest in these types of publications. Many of the showcased publications are niche publications, which presents difficulties in gaining support, attention and readership. How do you think we can gain support, attention and readership for these types of publications? I think a strong social media marketing plan will be crucial for these pubs if they hope to gain attention. However, I wonder if these pubs even have the resources to craft marketing plans.

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