Long Day of Travel

How does a person prepare for a day full of 14 hours of travel? I never got the answer before having to attempt a day of that magnitude myself.
Hanging out in train or airplane terminals is no fun, but they are a lot better places to spend your time than trains or airplanes. Eating out of boredom, exploring the limited space you have, and making use of free WiFi are all good options when still on the ground, but your choices become severely limited when trapped in a single seat with no free WiFi to make use of.
A person like me can hardly sit still for five hours with no break, let alone do just one activity. So to help kill time on the flight home, I split the trip into different parts. I started the long sit home with a little doodling. Hardly a day passes without me drawing at least one picture; it helps me focus on the task at hand rather than the ticking clock. I followed my drawing with a good hour of solitaire on my tablet. At this point the trip was only half over, so I switched over to reading a book on my tablet. Reading successfully got me sleepy, so I napped the last hour of the flight away.
In all the time flying, riding trains, and waiting in different terminals, I successfully listened through seven different albums released in 2014. Other than completing a collection of mediocre doodles and fine-tuning my solitaire skills, I can be grateful to our long day of travel for helping me decide on my personal reviews for some of the best albums to come out within the last year.

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