The Last Day of Meetings in D.C.

Two days prior to today, John and I walked right into the office of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers from Washington to speak to her as constituents in the state that she represents. This turned out to be an unsuccessful endeavor when we found out from her staff aide Andrew that she was actually speaking on the House floor that very day we were a little bummed. Then Andrew seemingly hands us tickets to go see the House floor from the balcony! It was so easy we didn’t even have to ask. We enjoyed the rest of our day with tours of the capital, house, and senate floors. We did not however meet the Congresswoman. When we returned from our tour, I was delighted to receive an email back from Jessica, another staffer of Representative McMorris Rodgers and found out that she would be available to meet us and that she would be willing to answer any questions! This incredibly busy woman made time out of her day, spending roughly twenty minutes with some college students to listen to our story, give advice, and positively encourage us to enjoy life as it comes. I appreciate those who are willing to be selfless when it is not ever necessary. So, our last day of official business in D.C. ended with a meeting with a Congresswoman, and lastly a meeting with the National Association of Broadcasters. The latter was much like a sales pitch to go into sales and/or marketing, especially in the media industry. It was a bit uncomfortable to be talking so much about lobbying, but considering the organization spends so much money on it makes the subject difficult to avoid. Overall, a great capper to a great trip. Endless possibilities are available to those who want it most and actively seek it.

Whitworth Students welcomed on The Hill!

Whitworth Students welcomed on The Hill!

  1. #1 by csoudani on January 27, 2015 - 6:42 am

    Hey, can’t forget about your signed copy of the Ted Cruz photo. In all seriousness though, it’s really awesome you guys did that. It’s good for a Washington representative to know there are students at Whitworth who care about her work on the hill.

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