So many options

18 different organizations, countless miles (118.23 to be exact according to my Fitbit), early mornings and late nights, and living out of a suitcase for just under three weeks. The thing is I wouldn’t change the experiences I have had on this trip for anything. The lessons I have learned and the advice the individuals we have met with were willing to share helped make this trip such a success in my eyes.

When it came to advice was useful and truly stood out, our meetings with Brian Lamb and Paula Kerger come to mind right away. While I loved learning about what different organizations do in regards to media throughout the trip, as the list of organization we met with grew longer, I began to get more confused about the career I want to pursue post graduation. Although Brian and Paula both gave advice that didn’t necessarily relate to their career but instead general advice about how to make the most of getting into your career.

Brian spent a lot of time talking about the importance of knowing the history of the company you are interviewing for. While I knew this before the trip, it was a good reminder as I interview for internships and jobs in the future. Spend time really researching the company, you need to be a good fit for them but they also need to be a good fit for you. In order to see if the company truly has a mission you can get behind you need to research the history and what the company stands for. Brain also made the point that experience is experience. You are never above any job and getting your foot in the door is important.

I also enjoyed our meeting with Paula and her point about finding a mentor. I have been fortunate enough in my life to have a few different mentors that I look up to and get advice from. Although as a student it seems like a normal thing to have a mentor who you look up to and get advice from. I never really thought about making sure that I find a mentor in the career I have in the future. Although Paula made a great point that you should always have someone that you respect that you can turn to for advice and pushes you to become a better person.

While I am ending this trip a little more confused in regards to the career path I want to pursue in the future. I have had my eyes opened to many different ways to work in the media industry that I had never even thought about before this trip.

  1. #1 by csoudani on January 27, 2015 - 6:50 am

    I like that you pointed this out. It hadn’t really occurred to me that while almost all of the people we met with talked about their jobs almost exclusively, Brian and Paula were of the rare variety who provided us with life advice as well as career background. Glad to hear it gave you some direction as to where you want to go with your career after you graduate.

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