A Major Piece of History

Yesterday after our meeting with the Pew Research center we went to the American Museum of History which was great, however a large portion of it was closed off so we had a lot of extra time that we didn’t know how to full. We sat in the museum trying to think of something we could do but as it was about four in the afternoon most of the museums wouldn’t be open much longer. A quick Google search showed us however, that we were only an eight minute walk from the archives so we decided to head in that direction.

When we got to the building we made our way through the exhibits and then onto the rotunda where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are kept. One thing I was really surprised by was how empty it was. I thought it was going to be fairly crowded since it was late afternoon but there were only a handful of people there making it very easy to get a good look at the documents. I’ve been to DC before but the last time I was here for whatever reason we didn’t see the documents. I’ve enjoyed seeing the monuments and memorials a second time but I really enjoyed seeing something new that is such a prominent part of history. It was really incredible seeing these documents in person because they are something I’ve learned about my entire life and have been touched on in virtually every history class I’ve ever taken. In eighth grade we had to memorize a few parts of the documents so it was amazing to be able to sit there are read the original script of something I’ve known for several years now.

It surprised me at how faded the writing was and how illegible most of the writing was on the documents but it was still incredible to see them. It amazes me to realize how old those documents are and that they have been so well preserved. It was really a privilege to see them and an experience I will carry for the rest of my life.

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