12s on the East Coast

With the weeks leading up to the trip to New York City and Washington DC, I truthfully had some concerns. My biggest fear was that I would not be able to watch the Seahawks in the NFL Playoffs. But, it turns out, I had nothing to fear.

Flying from Seattle to New York City, I was seated by a girl wearing a sweater with the typical I ❤ NYC, but the heart infused the Seahawks logo into it. I commented on her sweater, calling it unique, and she told me that I needed to watch the game at a bar called Carlow East, on Lexington Ave. So I checked it out.


The view from the outside of Carlow East.

I visited the bar the Thursday before the Seahawks-Panthers game. Sitting down at the bar, I spoke with the bartender, Sean, and asked how the place got to be the premier drinking establishment for Seahawks fans. He told me that he’s the owner and that a group of Seahawks fans were looking for a place to watch the game 8 years ago , but no one was willing to play the audio. Sean did them the favor, and the rest is history. After our discussion Sean bought me and my two associates a round of drinks, and I knew where I was headed for the game on Saturday.


My free drink, compliments of the owner and bartender, Sean.


Same shirt the girl on the plane wore, hers was missing all the signatures though.

The Seahawks beat the Panthers that Saturday, andthat meant I needed to find a joint to watch the next Playoff game against The Packers. After spending close to five hours at the Newseum on Championship Sunday, I didn’t have time to be picky looking for a good place to watch the game; I just beelined to the first sports bar I saw, and luck was on my side. 12 flags were hanging out the window and the place was crowded. I stepped in and was warmly welcomed by a sea of blue and green. There is no better place to watch the game than with people cheering right along with you.


The view from the inside, I didn't save my picture from the outside and subsequently forgot the name.

Needless to say, I was surprised that the opportunities to watch the Seahawks with fellow 12s were so readily available. Of course, I’m sure that these chances wouldn’t present themselves so easily if the Seahawks weren’t good. Being on the opposite side of the country,surrounded by fellow fans instills a real appreciation for the community that can develop through something as simple as a sports team.

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