Powerful Footage

Today was our first day in Washington DC and the first thing I did this morning was go to the Newseum. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it sounded like a cool museum and a lot of the people we met with in New York suggested going there so I was looking forward to my visit. We started on the ground floor then went to the very top to work our way down. I was going along reading about the different artifacts and learning about the different events throughout the decades which i found really fascinating. 

The exhibit that really got to me however, was the 9/11 footage. We sat in on a video talking about the perspective reporters and journalists had during the horrific events and it was absolutely shocking to me how they reacted. Nobody really knew what was going on so the news was very on the spot and showed how quickly everything was happening. What amazed me though, was how dedicated people were to getting the footage and recording as much as they could. People would try and get as close as possible and one reporter said he was threatened being arrested if he didn’t leave the area which he said he “took into considertion”. I know that a good journalist will do what it takes to get the story but some of what was caught on film was a reporter telling the events up until the point they had to literally run for their life. I was absolutely amazed by the dedication of these people.

One of the most horrific scenes I saw today was a video of the second plane actually going through the tower. At the time of 9/11 I was only in second grade and all I remember is my friend Tyler coming to school saying there had been a plane crash. They had the news on in the library but they would turn it off every time the kids walked through and it wasn’t until I got home that I realized it was such a big deal. Even then I don’t think I fully grasped what had happened but over the years it has obviously become much more apparent to me and I have seen a lot of photos and video from that day. This video of the actually crash I had never seen before and it made my stomach turn. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be standing there filming that as it happened and still felling the motivation to keep on doing my job. I find it very admirable how all these people felt the urge to keep on filming and reporting even when they were seeing such horrific things and their lives were actually in danger.

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