Out of all the fascinating and informative places our group has visited on this trip, Getty Images stands out as the most surprising: not necessarily for what they do (I had expected something akin to Shutterstock) but for each employee’s passion for his or her work. Each person we met with seemed to have found a company that they believe in, and were happy to wake up each day and commute to.

Frankly put, I want to find that in my own career. I don’t necessarily know where or what I will be doing, but I know I want my company to have a similar essence as the one I experienced at Getty. I want the place I work at to have the same integrity, passion, and collaboration that Getty Images and its employees projected at our meeting.

Getty’s biggest supporter seemed to be Director of Photography and VP of News, Pancho Bernasconi. As we all experienced, he had a lot to say about Getty Images, photography, journalism, and the importance of passion in one’s work. We might still be in that meeting if we hadn’t set a stopping point; but that’s not a bad thing. For Pancho to have as much enthusiasm and drive as he does in his senior position is a very special thing. Even if he is currently experiencing or has experienced “burnout,” he certainly still knows why he does what he does.

I believe the source of Pancho’s drive, as well as the success of Getty Images as a company, comes from (as Pancho stated in our meeting) a desire for authenticity. Pancho told us of how he continues to strive for the best, for passion, for meaning, and for collaboration. These are things I want to emulate as I enter the beginning stages of my career, whatever that may look like. As long as I strive for and uphold a passion for the good, for the authentic, I believe I will be able to look back on my career with pride.

  1. #1 by aliulstad on January 19, 2015 - 2:48 am

    I really enjoyed reading this post, Claire! It’s really cool how you took what we learned and experienced in our meetings and applied it to your own goals and aspirations. I find myself wanting to do the same thing. For my entire college career, it seems like my dream career has been a big question mark. But I have also realized on this trip that finding exactly what I want to do as soon as I graduate from college does not necessarily have to happen right away. I agree with what you said about wanting to find something I am passionate about, and something that fills me with joy and purpose. I have no doubt that we will find that kind of job someday. I also remember that pretty much every person we have met with has told us about their multiple positions they held before coming into their current position, and this makes me optimistic for my career path in the future!

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