A Coming of Age

I’ve never really cared for the news. It’s either somebody dying or somebody fighting or whatever, and it’s just depressing.

But during our time in New York, I came to realize the value of educating ourselves on issues in our nation and in the world. I think that sometimes on the west coast, it’s easy to forget the reality of some of these issues. Being in a place with the diversity and history of NYC led me to understand that as a member of this nation and this world, I have an obligation to my fellow man to stay in the loop, so to speak.

Furthermore, even as a journalism student, my opinion about news was strengthened after seeing firsthand the passion and energy that people in the news industry have for providing relevant, entertaining stories for their audience. For many of these people, like Rosie at HLN or Bill at The Smoking Gun, there  is a sense of duty that comes with their positions. 

Surely, there are journalists and news people that value ratings over quality news, but meeting people that genuinely care about the stories they publish is inspiring. It reminds me why I want to be a journalist. And it reminds me why I should read their stories.

News stories–good news stories–aren’t there just to make the writers look good. They are there to let the audience know what they need to know as members of this tumultuous world. And there is a lot that we need to know.

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