So Many Opportunities

In preparing for the trip I researched all the different organizations we would be visiting and in that process found myself more interested in some compared to others. Although what I have realized on this trip that the passion and energy each of the individuals have for the career they are in and the job they do has made areas that I never thought about getting into sound interesting and something I might be interested in pursuing postgrad.

While I came into college knowing that I wanted to major in communications and pursue a career in the sports industry in PR, this trip has opened my eyes to other opportunities and ways to use my degree that I had never thought about before. Like Kellie Specter from WNET mentioned during our visit in order to be successful in the industry you need to be well rounded. A quality that I have noticed in many of the individuals we have met with during our time in New York. The second broad lesson I have taken away from this trip is the likelihood you are going to find the career and company you want to work for, for the rest of your life right out of college is not likely. Many of the individuals we have talked to have a long career path and journey that led them to where they are now. As someone who is interested in going into PR, I was very excited for our meeting with Ogilvy & Mather. Although I was shocked to learn that the average turnover rate for employees at the agency was roughly two years. I still have a passion for PR and want to pursue it as a career, but I now have more background on what the industry is actually like and how it is an industry that tends to have a fast turnover rate.

During my time researching before the trip I was most excited for the advertising and PR agency and while I enjoyed the few that we have visited during our time in New York the company that has stuck with me the most and has peaked my interest is Getty Images. It may be partly because I want to work on the west coast and Getty has an office in Seattle. Although the other aspect of Getty that has stuck with me is the passion each of the individuals we heard from had for their job. They all spoke highly of the company and were proud of be part of the brand. Before visiting Getty Images I always thought of them as a large online photo resource but really had no immediate interest. At the meeting learning about the different careers in Getty in addition to the way the photo staff and photo assignments coordinator are broken down into sports, news, and entertainment sections I began to get excited about the company and the possible careers out there outside of sports PR, broadcasting, and reporting yet still working in the sports industry.

This trip has taught me more than a textbook ever could. Not to mention it’s fun to be browsing online and see articles written about the Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz taping that we were able to watch live at CNN or Jimmy Fallon clips that a group of us were able to see live in the studio. New York is full of different opportunities and I am glad I have been able to take advantage of a few of them during our time here.

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