Exciting beginnings

My time in New York so far has been nothing short of an adventure! Though I was able to visit once before, it is clear that there are always new things to see and experience in this vibrant city. The first night we arrived was the coldest and windiest of the trip so far, which made for a bit of a shocking welcome into the city. A small group of us went to Times Square to take in the lights and exciting hustle and bustle, even though most of us were running on little sleep. It was a fun night of exploring and getting a feel for New York at night time!

The next day was our first full day in the city and we did not have any meetings scheduled so we were able to explore some more! The majority of the group started the morning off by taking a nice walk through Central Park. It was still cold but I loved seeing the park in a different season, as I had previously visited in the summer. After the park, we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a couple of hours. Though we were there for some time, the museum is so extensive that we were only able to cover a small portion of the exhibits housed there. I would love to return someday to take a more in-depth look, but I greatly enjoyed this visit! After the Met, we ended up walking to the New York Public Library, Rockefeller Center, Trump Tower, and taking the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge, walking a total of 11 miles that day. The view of the buildings from the Brooklyn Bridge at night was one of the most increible things I’ve seen! The tall skyscrapers with lights scattered across the skyline nearly took my breath away and showed me a view that I would associate with classic NYC.

Needless to say, this was a fantastic beginning to the trip and it has only gotten better!

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