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The video was stunning. The video was emotional. The video changed your mood. On Thursday, a few of us went to the Newseum which was a grand place. It had every piece of news history you could think of. It had up close and personal, often graphic photos depicting grave imagery of the world; though some of the photos were triumphant and heroic. The most somber of the news history was the FBI exhibit showing artifacts and depressing details from the most tragic events in American history. 

That video I am speaking of showed how the local news covered the most up-to-date, breaking events that happened on September 11th, 2001. The video showed what is now horrifically branded into my head: up close live footage of the second plane directly hitting the second tower. It was so gravely shocking that a man’s hysterical reaction in the back row was,” Jesus Christ!” Another part that keeps playing back in my mind is the crying girl with a picture of her missing dad after the attacks. That’s the moment that brought me to tears. The video detailed how a photo journalist’s work meant so much to him and how he wanted to cover it for the public, his people, that he died from being too close to the debris of the first falling tower. He wasn’t, but his work was saved in the rubble. Why can’t we all be so passionate about something? Passionate to the point of dying for it; giving up your one chance at life for your work. It just amazes me, makes me wonder how and if I’m ever going to get to that point about my own career. I hope I do someday. It could happen in the near future, but it could also happen in the long term. 

For those graduating here in the spring, maybe walking through the loop alone sometime think to yourself,” Am I so passionate about the job/career I’m heading into with my college degree, that I’d die for doing my best work?” You know, maybe work won’t be that important to you and that’s completely okay, but just try to find that activity or hobby that you’re overly passionate about. That activity or hobby that you can drag on and on, annoyingly on, talking about from every different angle and you yourself never get tired of it. Yes, I’m sure you have somebody, your family that you’d die for; but I’m talking about something. Find it if you haven’t yet.

  1. #1 by knaten on January 26, 2013 - 6:16 pm

    I had a very similar reaction to this video. It was amazing to see the fine line that all those journalist had to draw between doing their job, and being a citizen of New York, and the United States. As a journalism student I think about this sometimes. What if I have to cover a story someday that hits too close to home. Will I be able to put that aside for the greater good and report on what I need to report on? These journalists did that. The passion they showed for their art, and the loyalty they showed to their duty of spreading the news, was inspiring. I hope I never have to report on such a tragedy, but if I do, I hope that I will be able to have the dignity, faith, and courage that the reporters on 9/11 had.

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