Open Doors

Being in New York I have had the chance to see where I would potentially want to work in the future. Most places have been interesting but the one place thus far that has stood out above the rest was the Public Relationsions firm Ketchum. What first caught my attention was their website. Here is where I learned what the “Ketch Phrase” and brand of their company; “Break Through.” Online and during the meeting I gained more knowledge as to what this meant. Ketchum’s goal is to stand out and to not allow any barriers to cloud the visionary minds of their team. They want to create new and one of a kind ideas that cater to the needs of their clients. The passion and energy each employee showed for their job was inspiring and  made me even more interested in the company. Near the end of the end of the meeting they mentioned a summer internship, one I would be eligible for. Learning about the company, thinking about the different skills I have to offer and the opportunities the internship could provide has me fully committed to applying for the internship. 

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