Many Hats

At a few of the organizations we visited (FAIR, Amsterdam News) have talked about the many hats their employees have. One Amsterdam News reporters said she is often reporting, photographer and writes a history piece. A lady that we met with at Bloomberg stated it was not necessary to graduate with a journalism degree but rather the experience you have. 

This got me to thinking what the different hats I can wear. Throughout my college experience I have gained photography, video editing, writing, design skills, some and editing skills. It is hard to be marketable but I think with my many hats no matter what my profession I will be able to contribute my many talents


  1. #1 by aforhan14 on January 29, 2013 - 3:06 am

    Very good insight. This is a point that has occurred to me, but something I haven’t really thought extensively about. I think The Smoking Gun initially opened my eyes to the idea that everyone doesn’t have one specific job. One employee was described as a “utility infielder” I think.

    It makes me wonder what working in a professional journalism setting might be like. Especially at a smaller organizations, it will be important to have a multitude of skills and the ability to wear different hats.

    I also wonder if a routine can be found doing so much for an organization. This balance between doing different jobs but also having an organization and structure that is productive is a compelling dynamic.

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