Last days in NY

Yes, I realize a we’ve been in DC for a day and a half that I need to write more about NY and how it impacted me. Despite being semi disappointed before the trip about several of the companies we were going to visit, mainly because I’m not a journalism our comm major, I am happy to say that I was shocked and amazed by the things I heard from several of those companies.

While I know that there isn’t always a place for my major in the realm of media and journalism, I know that there are several opportunities that I at least need to venture out and try. At Wiley publishing, everyone saw how excited I was about visiting a company that I knew about and could relate to. That by far was the best place we’ve visited to me, they understood me, understood about what I needed to succeed in my major and desired job.

It took until our trip to Ogilvy to realize that maybe I do have a way to be connected. The healthcare field. With their department, I do have a way to make connections. Everyone needs to know about healthcare and how things will affect their lives, so why not have a person who gets both sides of things? I realized that I could do that type of person, having background in both areas.

After realizing that, I started to look at the people around me I’m the city, what were their needs and problems and how I could possibly help solve them. I starred looking more so at how people moved. The way they walked, the modes of transportation they used, everything about the movement of people. Maybe it’s just the science nerd in me that was thinking about it, but I really wanted to look into what actually made people move.

I started taking video about how people were walking, running, rolling, being pushed via stroller, the subway, everything. All of these people moved in different ways at different paces. Even though the city is by far the fastest pace I’ve ever been around, I wanted to take the time to slow down to look.

I realized that if I wanted to, I could go on and become a dentist like I’ve always wanted, or I could make a decision to enter into this works of communication from a healthcare standpoint. It’s always been a background thing, trying to figure out how to use my knowledge of communication in the healthcare world short of being able to communicate eloquently and efficiently. Now I see things in an entirely different light, one that excites me to look deeper into, one that could change my entire future.
People always are asking, what are you doing after you graduate in May,¬† and until now I’ve always said, taking a year off and studying got my tests and trying into school and living my life that way. Now that question is going to be even tougher to answer after this trip.

  1. #1 by romodara14 on January 21, 2013 - 3:05 am

    Taylor, I think it’s really interesting that this trip has made you focus on how to tie everything you have learned together. Obviously you are well-versed in the realm of Biochemistry, but you also have knowledge in Communication. It’s interesting to see how those will be blended. This is relatable to me because I am also trying to decide which route I would like to take since I will have background in journalism and marketing. Those go together a little easier than biochemistry and communication, but it’s still along the same lines. I understand how difficult it can be to choose one path and stick to it but I am glad that the city got you thinking more about where you passion lies and where you heart is. The best career will satisfy you holistically because you will be able to apply everything you love.

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