Social Media

After visting Ketchum and Ogilvy the two Public Relation companies on our trip I have learned that social media is an important factor in PR. Companies use social media is used as a networking tool and as a tool to advertise for events. In order to be marketable to PR firms you need to show you are present in the social media specifically twitter and facebook. Hearing this left me with some questions and concerns. I specifically use a nick name as my profile name on facebook so that people who find me are most likely already in my social circle and so that employers will not have access to my personal information. In high school we were told to be sure to keep our profiles private and not to post information we would care if people saw. Now I am being told it is important to be findable so employers can see you are present and know how to use facebook. This was a bit frustrating to me. I hardly post on my facebook as it is and I am torn between how active I want or care to be on the site as well. I think sometimes people use facebook as a place to brag about ALL the things you are experiencing or as a place to pretend to be someone you are not. However, posting shows employers what you are interested and how active you are as an individual. I can understand why they would want to see your active on facebook and think that in order to fully understand what the site has to offer you have to use it to its full extent. 

Twitter was another social media site they discussed. A woman at Ketchum said something along the lines of: even if it is boring or you hardly post, we just want to see that you are on it. This is another aspect of social media I do not understand. If I do not want to Twitter why would I set up an account that is barley used and taking up username and web space (even if it is unlimited), just to prove the fact that I know how to use the site… This makes no sense to me. 

I want to be marketable and show that I am well rounded in my use and understanding of social media. I thought about creating a Twitter and blog under a fake name. This way I can still satisfy their expectations and keep my personal life on facebook separate form my work. The more I thought about the idea the better it sounds. This will also allow me to be honest about my opinions and experiences without being afraid of how others will perceive them. It is similar to when authors and celebrities use stage names. 

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