Live ABC newscast

ABC newsYesterday, we were given the opportunity to tour ABC and attend a live newscast and it was a learning experience for me. First of all, I never noticed how much work goes into broadcasting. I thought it was mainly about looking good in front of the camera and sounding like you weren’t just reading off of a teleprompter. However, yesterday was eye-opening. There was quite a bit of chaos in the newsroom with newscasters trying to prepare for various segments and improvising when necessary. It was interesting to watch weather, especially. The weatherman had the weather conditions and warnings memorized and said them in a cool, calm voice as he walked over to the green screen to “show” the weather on the map.

We were also able to tour the studio and see the behind-the-scenes work of the station. I had never thought about who controls when the news goes to commercial, the teleprompters, etc. It’s interesting how much work goes into it and how we take that for granted. Technology has been advanced to a point where it’s not as difficult to make production happen, but it’s still a lot of work nonetheless.

I had completely ruled out a future in broadcasting. However, visiting ABC made me realize that it would be pretty interesting. Not only are you able to convey personality in a way that you cannot in writing (due to facial expressions, etc.), it’s another way of telling a story that is really exciting. I am now thinking that there are limitless career possibilities and I can’t just want one thing. I want to become more well-rounded and better equipped in different facets of journalism.


  1. #1 by aforhan14 on January 20, 2013 - 9:38 pm

    I’m glad you got the opportunity to experience a live broadcast. I think it’s really easy for a lot of us to just turn on the television enjoy what we see before our eyes.

    Not that I think the behind the scenes decisions deserve (or have time) for recognition on the air, but I do think it’s important for aspiring journalists to understand all sides of a production, whether that be television broadcast, radio broadcast, print production or another form of media.

    My video productions class in high school used a lot of what really happens in a television broadcast to produce our daily news show. Granted it was at a simplified high school level, I still thought it was fascinating and that class got me interested in journalism. So I’m glad you got to experience and learn from the “real deal” with an ABC broadcast.

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