Street Savvy

So as I’ve stated earlier, and as you have probably all noticed, the talent is BOOMING in NYC. I’ve decided to add one of my favorite videos that I’ve taken on the trip thus far. This group of guys were street performs who doubled as incredible gymnasts and although one of them tried to get my number afterwards, I still hold a high amount of respect for them. These people have a gift that should be seen by everyone and they decide to share it with the world for minimal profit. We enjoyed watching this troupe in Central Park and the video attached was their grand finale.

As they show off their talents, I feel the inspiration to show mine. i hope to work in production one day and this summer I purchased a Nikon d5100 to play around with. I carry it around like it’s my own child and have been able to capture some memorable moments from NY. This particular video was shot with an effect called “selective color” which allows me to choose the colors I want to focus on, and leaves the rest black and white. It only gets good about 30 seconds in. Enjoy!


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  1. #1 by mpelham14 on January 18, 2013 - 11:52 pm

    I agree on the talent Hannah. It is tremendous, even if the talents are considered odd or unique; as shown above. It’s like what that one girl on the subway told us at the start of the trip: all she brought with her to New York were her suitcase, guitar and musical talent. I see it now as a way of life here, maybe more so the way to survive. These odd talents help these people put some sort of food on the table; possibly for their families as well, we don’t know. Their lives might be transparent to us through their dress, but their real life transparency is foggy to me. As it should be. We should be amazed and respect their act, not ask where they go every night after. Paying attention to their talent could in some remote way also be helping them cope and survive as well; showing their self esteem that they too have a place in this chaotic world.

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